The Project

Why “Fallo veramente”?
Because there are no reasons to prevent us from acting.


Phallus is the object which becomes the emblem of our reaction against contemporary immobility. The symbol of free and conscious action.

Due to its double meaning in the Italian language, Fallo means both phallus and “do it!”, it becomes a work of art with the intention of going beyond crudeness and of using irony to break the traditional schemes and enhance participation, creativity and wonder.

Fallo Veramente is a pun, a provocation, a call to shift perspective with the aim to rethink the meaning and the symbolic value of the word “fallo”.

Beyond traditional morality and conformism, Loredana Bucchi and her Associazione Contemporanea succeeded in giving new life both to an object and a word all too often associated with vulgarity and pornography. With the originality and inspired creativity, which have always characterized her artistic commitment, Loredana Bucchi started to promote her very personal interpretation that has now become a project shared by artists and art-lovers. Once the limits imposed by conformism had been overcome, her main goal has been to give new life to a verbal wit symbolized by “fallo” which in Italian means both phallus and the imperative form of the verb to do (“do it now!”).

Thus this wants to be an invitation to further develop the conditions for the enjoyment of freedom of thought and opinion far from the traditional path conventionally tracked by hearsay and common decency.

The need to stress the neutrality of the concept expressed by “fallo” which, once chosen as an inspiring object, becomes the symbol of personal artistic expression in this project.

As a source of inspiration and original production, the object has become, in the hands of Loredana Bucchi, the expression of a powerful idea, a hymn to life. Hence “ Fallo Veramente” is seen as a revolutionary artistic project that, far from standard morality, aims at rethinking the male member beyond the meanings of ancient taboo or mere virility. Loredana Bucchi’s choice came into life in the attempt to give to the word “fallo” a brand-new linguistic and symbolic dimension due to the rejection of old imposed schemes through the richness and plasticity of the Italian language. Hence “FALLO” must be read both as a noun (male member) and a verb (Do it!).

For all these reasons, her work is not only subversive, it also becomes the artistic expression of her personal experience and reflection, a clear reference to all forms of positive action. “Fallo Veramente” wants to be an invitation, an explicit input to action and reaction in our ordinary life.

As a show of dissent and a call for action and change, “Fallo Veramente” is both an exhibition and an artistic project which started in 2010 with the first exhibition “Fallo d’artista- fai qualcosa nella vita, ma FALLO veramente” followed in 2011 by “RI-FALLO”, both realized thanks to Associazione Contemporanea.

The idea behind the chosen symbol is the shared need to react against all forms of monotony and inactivity, to shout out loud that we want to act, react and live as fully as possible.

The project itself is meant to stress real positive action born from the union of mind and body that, consciously and independently, makes thought, action and creation possible.